so unto jebadiah I said...

"hark! for hath I not blogged for a time of shortness?" to which jebadieah replied "tru dat white boi" and all was happy

so last thursday, was Stock Market night at the lemmy, to which me and dave replied "suit up!" and so we all did:

It all seemed to start so well at the ram, though with differing backstories we eventually agreed upon one

"We're international businessmen don't you know" was the phrase of the eve.
Soon stu joined us a bit later and a good drinking sesh was had in the happy hour and beyond. Bit later we decided to perambulate down le ole Stock Marketye, or something. Which proved to be much fun, I'll break it down for you lot "dope style":

All prices for drinks are displayed on a plasma screen, prices vary throughout the evening depending on the amount a particular drink is bought. So say lots of people buy carling but not that many worthingtons, carling price goes up and worthingtons go down... this is excellent as u can see from these deals we got (at varying points):

Grants Whiskey £1.50 for a double
Worthingtons £1.00
Guiness £1.00
bags of peanuts £0.10 (10p!!!)
mccoys £0.25
j20s £0.20

and other things I was prolly too drunk to remember, see Exhibit B:

who knows what stu is doing but I seem happy about it.. times are good...

oh no the dave has died! and Stu is coming on to me even stronger!!!

interesting pondered stu...

oh so they danced the night away under moon light illumoinous...

holy crap its not sunday!!

and thats the story of last thursday, I have an awesome vid of Dave and Pete dancing which I shall some day put somewhere for someone of some description to see sometime....wooo!!


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