oh dem cracker gon' dun it again

How you like them apples?, lonely island are the win

after that shindig of word flava, I should probably update somewhat:
things tom has been doing in the nearby past:

  • sleeping like crap (yah in the sewers, haw haw)
  • working like a hoe (without the street corners)
  • buying food of healthyness
  • failing to wake up properly
  • watching sum films
Kung Fu hustle rules, check it, Date Movie, not the win

Current Hair Status: Crazy as Duck

I booked train ticket for home time at easter for 24th March, someone remind me, cheers i only being gone for a week, cunningly for mothers day (26th fools, remember it)

Scary Movie 4 looks funny, and V for Vendetta looks a bit swanky maybe.

also I found this awesome site that gives u the answers for everything, no need to ask people stuff!

while I'm being shallow and pendantic, like this meatloaf (haw haw family guy pop-culture reference), no need to forward me chain-emails, cos I really don't think msn are gonna start charging, or that I'll die if i don't send it to 15 people, or my wish will come true, and I don't really want to be put in the position of never finding true love if I don't send this email on, cos what if my email program breaks and I'm forever cursed cos u sent it to me, I cry a bit inside *sobs*... I'm cool wit funny things tho, that don't want me to do anything

then again, its all gravy my cinnamon flavoured readers...

Random Quote

"Oh Copy SOP
oh beacon of hope to the seven cities
Please do continue the peace in the lands of Dantooine
Please do rocketh the multiverse, if you know what I mean" - a poem....from a computer science book!??!


Anonymous 10:19 pm  

Lol, okay, you didn't explain the extent to which your hair has gone insane! Perhaps the ghost of Trev's locks has taken over your head; better watch out ;P Also, according to BBC website, MSN are actually planning to start charging, damn them...

Tommeh 10:37 pm  

yeah that news article is from 2001 or 2003 I think ,and its actually refering to what msn do charge for at the mo, like extra features like more email space and the such like, not general service

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