Hail to the (Java) King Baby!

or not, I think I may have rebroke my project, damn. Luckily I've done a lot of cool code recently so everything is forgiven... apart from my supervisor probably attempting to kill me on thursday....s'fine

check out Davy Graham - Angi, awesome instrumental chilled out guitar track.... ffs phone not being picked up by computer, gotta restart but so can't be bothered(I wrote this bit yesterday so its not that relevant)...

we may go to the pub tonight but I'm sure that doesn't really affect any of your short-term decisions really

still no dissertation back grrr....though Arsenal beat Liverpool which was awesome, and I reckon we may have the ability not to suck for the rest of the season. yeah!

oh and today me and stu nearly told Jake that becca's sleeping with justin behind his back, but he was too busy teaching us about rendering....

Quick News: i have zero money, I need ink cartridges, I'm eating damn healthily, my hair is longer than my memory, dad's in l'hopital again, and I need the loo

Random Quote:
"...although it should be kept in mind that no conclusive evidence exists one way or the other, many contend that water is wet, the earth is round, and poking sharpened sticks into your eyes is not a particularly good idea" - can't remember where,


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