to the tune of

"oh I do like to be beside the seaside" in D minor

"oh I do like to be beside the toilet,
oh I do like to be beside the loo,
oh I do like to go a poo poo poo poo...." - my toilet song

unfortuantly I must resist your pleads for an encore cos I've to perambulate to campus, along with Dave and Alex... did I say Alex? mwahah course I did cos u can see I did as this is written... so I guess I didn't actually "say" .... I give up

Hi Rhys.

We went to pub again last nite, with the drink and gaffawing, not too much drunk enough luckily, right gotta go before we all die.... sl8rs foolios

hmm k I forgot to click post before I went, so its like 12.49 now and we be thinking about an English Lazy sunday come back, but we gotta learn to be funny, then dope then rap. Its all gravy hombres.


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