argh my tongue!

burnt it on some damn rice, serves me right really. luckily I got a first on my dissertation so it all equals out really... I think.

wait I just realised I don't actually have anything to say, well I did, quite a few funny things I thought of my they've fallen out of my head dammit.

Random Quote:

"my Net is playing up, as is my right buttock" - raffle, made me chuckle


Anonymous 12:58 am  

Omg, I'm actually the Random Quote person!! That totally kicks ass XP And now that my greatest ambition in life has finally been fulfilled, I can move on to not failing Uni...*randomly ruffles Tom's hair*

Tommeh 9:35 am  

"woooo!" you may notice as well my hair is quite silky and lucious... unless u ruffled it write now after I just had to fall out of bed and go up to campus at some ungodly hour, narghlepop...damn I love the word ruffles

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