and so they ring

and I'm all like "hey guy give me a job" and they're all like, k. Except not quite but u get the gist.


sorry just had to wee, right as I was saying. blargh. getting a job is a lot of hassle, especially when u get randomly interviewedon the phone or just called up at tesco or while driving in torrential rain. Bastards.

More interestingly the Body Mass Index reckons I'm overweight... *pause*... mothertruckers. I score 25.9, and a good score is 18.5-25... I not sure how I manage that really, I suspect my bones are made of lead.... wait... or adamantium. Well uber my schnizel and called me Simon.

Some more interesting information, of the top 10 best selling games of ALL time, every single one is made by Nintendo. And every single one is 2D. The biggest selling one is Super Mario Bros for the Nes, and it sold 40.24 million. The closet 3D game is Grand Turismo 3 with just 14.36million. More info here

and just cos you love it so:
Japanease pwning themselves:

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Kitty: "Logan are you sure? There's a whole CITY coming down on us"?
Wolverine: "Yeah, I killed a city one time. Funny story"


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