so someone made me addicted to youtube. which made me ponder my ultimate quest once more to create a video blog. However, not only am I less so photogenic (or videogenic) but I fear I'll have nothing to say, or comically do.

would be awesome tho. So comments, suggestions?

kewl photo of tungsten so put that in ur pipe and smoke it.

I've been mainly looking for undiscovered islands, to conquer, on Google Maps, and I wanna know what this island is called and why its blue! It can't be healthy by any means, I have found out tho that the island of Kiribati (with a population of just over 99,000) has passed a controversial law allowing the goverment to shut down papers. Naughty naughty people.

k fools I've found one, Saint Paul Island, or Île Saint-Paul. Its no more than 3 miles across and has a cabin. Furthermore there is meant to be jewish gold and diamonds there. bonus really. Adventurers wanting to join my expedition should write to me stating why and how naked they're prepared to get. good show.


Michael 10:19 am  

But what is this island all about?


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