so it would appear

I am growing a beard, and/or stubble of sorts to become ruggedly handsome. I personally think my laziness has reached new levels but don't tell me that. I have wrote a haiku about it though

Beard not so cat like?
Ha, I laugh not at your throat
but the grass between

by popular concensus it was decided I should have wrote a sonnet, similar to this selection of phrases I did once conjur in rhyming rhythmn to the beat. Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn....

Today's Disadvantage of Fans: They dry your eye juice up. Bastards.

Rex appears to be moving tomorrow. We've so far had 2 au revoir meals at the Harvey. Well ya can't resist Grill night. tho in fact most ppl did....

I bought a DS by conning hmv out of money...or vice versa I'm not sure.

This might be funny... but probably not. I just think people who can pull off saying freakin' are moderatly dope

Random Quote:

"My god you look rugged" - mother....


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