man you know what I hate

when u go on a site and ur forced to listen to some random song, which normally clashes with my current song and my depth perception and inner ear get screwed up and I end up on the floor....normally shaking my booty.... to the rythmn to the beat. natch.

Also after conducting a variety of grueling surveys and experiments it has come to my attention I don't in fact have a girlfriend. I have come up with a (insert unknown number here) step action plan:

1) Grow my "Care Bear" beard
2) To the Gym
3) ?????
4) PROFIT!!1!!11!!!!!eleven!!11

lollerskates really.

Weekend Round up: Much chilled and awesome nite at dans where we drank, and were merry, and were impressed by his new house (apart from the chandellears too low), and played some crazy ps2 quiz game, and not sleeping anywhere near enough for normal humans.


Anonymous 10:16 pm  

First of all *slaps tom upside the head* Secondly, care bears rule, and thirdly, erm, apologies if that happened to be my blog music :P (P.S. Let me know if you have any success with the girlfriend advert, cause it sounds like a foolproof plan *nods*)

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