I hate myspace

There you go I said it. It sucks. and SUCKS. and SUCK SUCK SUCKY SUCKS.

and here is why:

it is crap...

and every single myspace site is an amalgmation of horrendous design, font colours u can't read cos of the back ground, flashing crap and just general crap crap crap crap. I just don't see why or how "bad design" has caught on. Make it readable!!!!

*breathes* and now a joke:

Why do Snakes on a Plane?

your right I didn't really think the joke through, and i not even sure I gonna post this post. *giggles* I think raffle was right about my overdosing on strepsils (or at least generic non-brand alternatives) as being a bad thing. or did I say that?

someone help my brain :(


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