nrghle - just cranched myself

ah well, I need to finish my CV by 12, so I can send it to some fools in Exeter and they can all be like "hey guy, we already told you ur cv is good, now u've gone and hacked it up, you go to hell, you got to hell and you die."

Anyone noticed the weather is crummy. I have. I also noticed I never say crummy. But I should do more. Dangermouse COMPLETE!!1!11!eleven!! box set (12 DVD) for 29.99.

There's no real point to this blog. In its entirety in fact, but I was tired of my CV. Here's a song about it:

oh, Curriculum Vitae
your touch is a poise so unique
oh, Curriculum Vitae

I really don't like writing you because obviously I have too many skills to warrant just two pages which the careers advisors always tell you to use but you know I want to make sure my prospective employees really know all about me in case I miss something important out and then they're all like "hey guy you smell go back to bedfordshire" and then I'd be all like "what I don't come from there" and they'd be like "oh yeah ur not Dick A. round sorry about that, still you suck" and then I'd just know it was my cv and I should have spent another hour on it instead of writing a blog about nothing, but oh well what I guess I'm trying to say is
oh, Curriculum Vitae
you stink.


Anonymous 5:10 pm  

quick! call the music police!

Tommeh 7:07 pm  

rofl cats

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