whoa boi, thats too much alcohol

for one day, yet highly awesome as well. As one does on a birthday celebration we went to the harvy at 11am for breakfast and started the drinkin sesh, then onwards to london, but not before first finding colin and grabbing a pint from the maxwell (that we had to drink in about 2 minutes).

After a quick stop off in beckenham to go to the box bar and find Claire, we mosyed onwards to london where we went to an awesome rileys, where we pooled, and drank, and met andy and chris, and Sam got the entire place evacuated. *slaps head*

Then onwards to a pizza buffet and then towards the club. Before hand we drank in the pub next door and a few of us accidently went to a gay bar, which was pretty good. Finally we entered the Roxie, which was a bit small for what I expected, but trev assured me there are no big clubs in the entirety of london..... hmm. Still was good nite, me and dan drank a lot of pithcers over all, and everyone was nice and rosy. Most left to get last train, me dan, sam and shing (who kept inserting ice down my trousers!) stayed on a bit and danced the night away. Until it was a night bus time.

I hate the night bus

I really do.

Death to it.

ad finium (whatever that means)


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