B-b-b-baby, I think I'm going c-c-c-crazy

well indeed. Today I have mostly been waiting in bromley for my car to be serviced, which was quite relaxing and I even got round to writing an update letter to relatives and it turns out I can in fact write in a mature and mild-mannered way, as not once did I mention:

  • my raving alcoholism (this is a joke future employers!)
  • narf
  • hats
  • cakes
  • or even the word cunning
I know that may disappoint some people, but well... shh.

I also got my DS Lite and ADSL wireless router today, which was moderatly nice. Except I have no games for my DS Lite, so its usefulness is on par with me. Major bummer on its part.

Not only all of this but Youtube has been down for quite a lot of today and has only just gone up again. dammit I thought of loads of bloggable content and now can't remember any of it. Stupid dentist tomorrow. On top of all of that I need to get more friends...

At least they're not lonely
At least they're not lonely
They'll never be lonely


Anonymous 10:31 pm  

Damn family update letters that I should possibly have written, like, a year ago...I can't believe you didn't use 'cunning'! That's, mature! Also woe for lack of youtube *wails*

Anonymous 11:47 pm  


Haven't done that in ages...will be done maybe this weekend :D


Anonymous 1:55 am  

OMG, HUGFEST *joins in*

Tommeh 8:55 am  

*raises eyebrow* hatfest!!!! *hugs*

Michael 5:04 pm  

Any post which has more than 4 comments is automatically a party post. Woop!!

erm... yes and in other news I found out today they are making Mrs. Doubtfire 2, which will be released in 2007. *cries*

Tommeh 10:33 pm  

oh god cream crackers no!

Anonymous 7:17 pm  

I like use viagra, but this no good in my life, so viagra no good.

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