So it would appear that a DS lite is way to distracting to be had anywhere near Tom. Also my eyes are melting....MELTING!!!!

Moving swiftly on it appears I've been doing my CV, man its hard, on a scale of 1 to "dammit why do I have so much to say and too many words to say it in", its around 7. Luckily I worked out how I used to work hard - thats right children its time to crack out the chilled out CDs, and acid Jazz.

Tom's Musical Guide Vol 2: Music To Work To

  • Sunday Morning Songs
  • Quiet Night In... Stay In Chill Out
  • The Very Best of Acid Jazz
  • Mr Scruff
  • Norah Jones
  • Jack Johnson
  • Jose Gonzalez
  • Lemon Jelly
Tho I dunno how effective they really are as I'm doing my blog and not working, but I missed Sunday chillout sessions. btw on friday we went to london, some dope burgering at Garfunkels at leicester square and then on to O'neils at china town. Man I hate O'neils - nice guiness tho.

Party diskothek this weekend for the Twits birthday, tho hopefully Golf on tuesday wit Danu, if we sort it like the cunning Bums we are. To the job market ->

or not.


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