I often wonder

how lucky it is I'm moderatly waterproof, especially when we play footie and it completely tips down and soaks us. Still was fun and I fell over enough times to make it worthwhile.
Then we traversed to the twits birthday bbq, which was the yum. And finally we went to the pub, but we were all too tired to do anything of any use.

Tuesday? why yes it did happen, and I drove coli-wobble to Swindon, did some gardening and then drove back all his shizzle. and I got kfc out of it. I like kfc. Which was a coincidence really.

Also some crazy dutch van tried to destroy me on the motorway by swerving from the 3rd lane into the 1st lane, which I happened to be occupying. Luckily my near super-powered reaction time saved everyone involved. Stupid white vans *nods to rex*


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