Snakes On A Mother-hubbard Plane Y'all

whoa cowboy, now thats an awesome film and 10 thirds. Seriously, go see it. NOW.


Things that were awesomely awesome in the movie:

  • "sporks!?"
  • Trouser Snake
  • Breasticalur attack
  • Tongue snake....
  • The absurdness of how the "I've had it with these motherfucking Snakes..."etc line was put in the film, hilarious.
  • Samuel L Jackson being awesome, and stealing a gun off a dude faster than u can imagine
  • SLJ getting the girl as always
  • Too many to remember
  • Snakes
  • On
  • A
  • Plane

So how, u may ask, did we keep the awesome filmness going? There was only one way really, to ruffle's and to watch Evil Dead 2. Too much uber filmage brain meltage. Whoop.


Stuey D 10:18 pm  

Dude, Snakes was so awesome.

It was everything I wanted from a film, and more!

Uber is an understatement.

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