first of all I'd like to sa....oooh

my screen's gone urine coloured. 10 bonus points! interesting

anyway, I feel the "powers that be" are smiling upon me today, I ended up at the gym and was like shizzle-pops, I've forgot a quid for the lockers. I went into the changing rooms and the bench I sat at had a quid on it. How cunningly convienient.

Me? The 5th duke of lazypants, apply for a job? surely not? well maybe. I not entirely sure, the site confused me, shush.

Golf yesterday was awesome, not only did dan manage to hit himself with his own ball in the driving range, but I managed to convert a golf club into a pimp stick in one swift action. Not only this but it also resulted in the head of a golf club flying further than the golf ball. We then proved out skills were not gonna improve very soon as we tackled the 9 hole course in about 3 hours. In fact we were worn out by the 5th hole, so the only solution was down the pub with ad and russ. Much drinkin etc ensued and we all lived happily ever after.

Link Attack!
links you say? well check out this new song by weird al, called Don't Download This Song
Buy a ninja-slaying cross bow!
WTmotherF... what about the pineapples!?
jealous of my penis?(or in fact any penis owning individual). Be green no longer!
those crazy japanese and er...chocoparty?

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'I think its only buddism that wants selflessness. But then they spend so much time trying to get to personal enlightenment I can't help but feel thats selfish' - thats me baby


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