Oki: serious post

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now but I wanted to get my Blog fully up-to-date before I did. And i have. So brace yourself people.

A while ago I found out some bad news about my Dad, I found it out a few weeks, maybe a month or so ago and told a few people but then decided it may be best to let other people know via this, because I know how difficult it is to find what to say if someone says something like this to you. Don't think your any more or less of a friend if you don't know, I was just telling people on spur of the moment if they mentioned my dad.

So, about 2 months ago, possibly, my Dad got told he has 6-18months to live because they've exhausted all options to get rid of his cancer that keeps coming back. I don't want to be all mopey about this, and also don't wanna be like hiding my feelings as I hear thats how people go insane. Hopefully people havn't noticed any change in me in past month, which is good, cos I'm surprisingly not too worried about it. I was for the first few minutes I was told but then decided well my dad doesn't want me to stop living my life because of him.

So Happiness people, I'm not allowing comments on this post so people don't feel like they have to say something. Chin up ya scallywags ;)

on a lighter note, YES GODAMMIT, I have finished updating this blog. Now I can find a job (I decided doing a masters was just a way to avoid me getting off my ass and applying for jobs)

Also check out the professional Graduation Ball photos (at bottom of page) not bad apart from the ones when I forget to smile :P

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