while catching up with stuff

and telling dan to shh, I was wondering to myself....

Why do I blog?

This question can be split into numerous divisional aspects of conflucting semi-precarious argumentitive agendas defining the very substantial objective analytical conundrum that presented itself forthwith unduely expressed in exotensiable verse. I think:

  1. So I have an outlet to talk random gunf.
  2. So I can record the various sayings I make up. Like gunf. and Cranch.
  3. So if I lose my memory like Unknown White Male dude I can vaguely work out what sort of person I was.... though maybe this would be the worse place to rediscover myself as I may assume I come under the category of "Mentally worrysome and naughty
So in conclusion, I apologise if some posts are just random updates of what I've done. Its not big and its not clever, but it helps me remember. Anyway my loyal readers, I must depart. For I have another post to write, but I'll change the time to pretend I update regularly.

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Stuey D 10:21 pm  

You blog because I need something to read in my empty life.

So please continue.

Anonymous 1:40 am  

What he said. Only, distracting me from the responsabilities of my somewhat full life.

So please continue.

Stuey D 12:08 am  


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