you, at the back

yes you, suggest a title for this blog post. *sigh* oh nevermind.

you know those days when u end up paying 18 quid a minute for a quick oral? Me to, happened to me today, and the climax was exactly as I expected. Dentist was just like "hey guy, stop your teeth hacking up my eyes with their awesomeness". haw haw bet you thought I was talking about dirty dirty whore blow jobs... well I wasn't.... yeah...told you. look a racoon!

oki dammit I admit it, the main reason I go on youtube is to check if cocoanino has posted a new blog. Damn she is really really fine and cute and nice. *shakes fist at the world* I need a girlfriend. Preferably without me having to do anything. Like bake cakes. Or train cats. Or sew hats. natch.

Anyone hear of Paramore? they be cool, tho sound a bit like Avril Lavigne, but they're allowed to be cool cos they havn't "made it" yet. The Feeling - Never Be Lonely, is an awesome song as well. Note it down in your text books children.

A link you cry out for? hmm. awesome chandler outtakes, made me chuckle, now away with thee!

Random Quote

"Obsess over love, and love an obsession, but never lust after anything" - possibly made up by me.


Anonymous 6:56 pm  

£18?! I got charged over £100!! Damn h0rs. Oh wait, you were talking dentistry. So was I, as it happens... Also, that really is a damn good philosophical quote type thing *steals*

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