Yesterday, for some unknown reason,

I fell into a patch of deep deathly depression, full of delinquent self-pity and loathing. Possibly fueled by my lack of productivity or applying to any jobs, so wouldn't let myself see High School Musical 3 again due to brain racking guilt coursing through my nerves to the very ends of my fingertips.

Today, I threw all emo to the wind, and Rex and I went to see the excellence which is High School Musical 3 at the O2 again. Better the second time. Rockin'. This proactively made me far more happy, so I actually applied for some stupid Shell job (don't why I thought I should go for it, but by doing it, it made me happier as well). Then the evening spiralled, yes I do say that phrase quite a lot, into a housewide orgy, with limbs and flanges tangled in some unholy mess in the hallway. Then my hair was tousled and I got sleepy.

Followed by watching Obama win the US election until about 3.30am. Mmmmm democracy.


Unknown 10:12 pm  

Yay hair tousling!

Second time. Yes. Of course. Mmmhmm...

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