En Francais?

And to France we went, from Dover upon the ferry with an excellent deal that was £29 quid (though initial offer was 24) return for a car, AND you get 6 free bottles of wine on board, plus buy one get one free. After uploading the whole of europe into Susie last night, she thwarted my every move by failing to actually have any roads within the french maps. Which isn't too great, but after our coffee fueled ferry trip, I got in the driving seat, and we made a bee line to St Omer, that Rex and I had vaguely research, to try and find something that is cool near Calais, and not a Hypermarket. We accidentally took a toll road as we didn't know the translation for toll until Raffle told us, after we'd gone down the road. We also saw some English car smashed up just under an over pass, obviously not as cool as we were. Anyway, we got to St Omer, and parked up, near some hippy kids, at as it was around lunch time, many things were shut, but walking into the town square near the town hall we found a bar/cafe/restaurant called Le Seven. Unsurprisingly, we had to eat here, so after a few photos of me outside, we rocked on in there, and got a very good 3 course lunch time deal for 12 euro. I enjoyed immensely, especially the brie 3rd course, though I was exceptionally ful up by this point

Once leaving the restaurant we wandered around the quaint streets of st mer, past an old church, then crossing the high street again, past amazing cake shops, through to the Cathedral of Notre Dame (not THE notre dame) and various other buildings of culture. Eventually we went to get some coffee in a little coffee shop, and then decided to head back to Calais in my automobile. Rex drove back, killng all in his path, and we cruised around Calais until we could find the supermarket Raffle suggested. The problem was, the Euro was doing well against the pound, and so beer and spirits weren't cheaper. Not much was really, we got a load of red wine, so we had even more, then we had to get back to the merry ferry, and we slept in a tangled pile of limbs on the long trip back. Though we did arise to get some vodka for cheap. Good times though, and once more we resurrected the chant:

Drive on the right or you die
Drive on the right or you die
Drive on the left and I'll kick your dog
Drive on the right or you die.


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