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Rex and I decided that as he will soon be a slave to the government, it seemed only right that we take full advantage of this week to fill our minds with knowledge and expand our horizons. First on your agenda was to visit the Cabinet War Rooms and the adjoining Churchill Museum in the rain. Although a bit expensive, I would thoroughly recommend them as they are exceptionally interesting. The war rooms are really cool as they have been reconstructed using the same furniture and equipment as they used during the war, even though Churchill only actually spent 3 nights in his room down there, he used it during the day alot, though during air raids he would stand on the roof watching the city burn around him like a manic overseer. The Churchill museum was also a very comprehensive look into the big C's life, which was quite revealing, an urns out he did quite a lot of stupid things prior and possibly after the war. Still a legend. We had a nice lunch in there, I think I had something manly like a quiche or a salad, and we bust on out, just in time to see a cow pigeon.

To further our war related knowledge we went to the Imperial War Museum which was a fair old walk from Southwark tube station, but we kept ourselves entertained with Charlie The Unicorn related tomfoolery. I like the imperial war museum, specifically the trenches, as I always remember the smell of them. Rex wouldn't let me go to the James Bond exhibition but we played with the other wars, though it's a bit confusing to navigate through, possibly the simulate a real war experience? After returning home, Fifa 09 had arrived, we watched the awful film that is Sliding Doors, though I wasn't really in the mood for it, and we had a plaice/pasta combo.


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