We'll wait in line, for most our lives...

An exceptionally awesome day today, beginning with visiting the Bodyworlds exhibition at the O2, with some cunningly acquired half price tickets, which only required pretending to read the Daily Mail. Bodyworlds, in case you don't know, is the crazy exhibition of dead people by the German guy with a hat. It's amazing, starting with embryos from various stages of pregnancy, on to fetuses and then babies, culminating in a pregnant woman lying down, and you can see her baby inside of her. The main thrust of the exhibition was aging, and how you can slow down the ever progressive effects of it. A lot of focus was on the bad affect of smoking and eating poorly. Some amazing sculptures with people though, one had a guy riding on a horse which had also had its insides exposed, but the man had the horse's brain in one hand and his own brain in the other. There were ballerinas, rugby players in mid tackle, a basketball player, and the final conclusion was a huge giraffe, that had be split in two, with each half moved outwards, but with it's inside's left in the middle. Amazing. Fantastic exhibition that everyone should see, and it's not disgusting, they all just looked plastic like.

Our next port of call was the Royal observatory, so Rex and I decided to wander along the Thames Path. This turned out to be less romantic than anticipated and more industrial/wasteland/soviet. Still was interesting to see it all, and great views of the isle of dogs from that side of the river. Eventually we got to the lovely Greenwich and had a hearty meal in The Yacht pub on the Thames, and a Guinness each. We then trekked up to the observatory, where we played with the meridian line, saw various exhibitions, went into the modern observatory, asked a man why the time space continuum was collapsing, though specifically about the laser than shoots across Stratford, indicating the meridian line. Apparently it hits a wall somewhere in North London, which I am somewhat sceptical about, but I am quite sceptical about a lot. We then played on various teaching computers to learn about the cosmos, and we participated in a team satellite launch, that failed drastically and Rex chose his items poorly.

We walked back through Greenwich after admiring the laser be turned on as it was getting dark, and I admired what a nice town it was. We checked out the huge battle ship on the Thames, then went through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel as I hadn't been there, and wanted to see where they had filmed the first Britannia High ep. As it was my half birthday I had a celebratory nap followed by a excellent curry and red wine fest.


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