Tomorrow's adventure of delight

Yesterday was used as a recovery day for our brains to process that vast influx of information that had been violently rammed directly in their frontal lobes. Though Rex did the German thang, as he often does.

Today, however, we resumed our search to quench our thirst for knowledge, beginning in the V&A Museum, to see the Cold War Modern exhibition, which according to my notes was "sexy". It was indeed extremely good, various artifacts, mainly of a design nature from the Cold War period from both sides. Most interesting were many of the architecture ideas that were brought forward, including some outlandish cities on legs that roam the countryside. Scary stuff. Unfortunately the exhibition lacked any form of photos showing what was actually built, as I'm guessing quite a few of the ideas were not put into production. They showed some cool furniture and gadgets that were put on display in various world fairs to show off living in America/Russia to the other side. After trawling the shop to find something for Rex's wall, we went and got some yummy grub at the Bunch o' Grapes, which turned out to be the same sort of chain-with-no-name that the Yacht was. So good time. We both had gammon steaks, that were exceptionally good. Afterwards, we slid into the nearby Costa/Nero and bust out some caffeine addiction all over the place before heading back, to meet up with the others and drive to Whitstable that eve, in preparation for tomorrow's adventure of delight.


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