We're getting out. Of here. And you'll never. Find us again.

Yesterday, Rex and I had the clever idea of going to the nearby Eco Sainsburys. By which, I mean, Tom wanted to get Fallout 3 for the low low price of 27/29 quid. Which it was. And I was exceptionally happy as I have heard it is for apocalyptic wastelands, as vaginas are for sex. Or something. We proceeded to utilise the evil that is starbucks to get a caffeine hit, but I was too excited about Fallout 3 to care much for the coffee, which is near blasphemy, if it wasn't for it being Starbucks coffee.

Today i have mostly been celebrating mother's birthday by taking her to Kew, or at last meeting her there and mum getting me in for free with her crazy membership tickets of gold power. Had a nice coffee in some crazy cosy coffee shop, before entering the garden. Weather was a bit grey, but not too chilly, and it didn't rain on us. Kew was very autumnal, which I love, and I took various arty photos with my phone. We had a crappy lunch as mum fails to like food in general, so had a jacket potato and tuna in a cardboard box. Wham. Gets dark extremely late these days.


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