Expansion of the mart

Today we all bust into London to go to Camden and wandered around there, I think we may have eaten food somewhere first, no doubt at the Goose. Maybe. All I know was it was definitely not at the Spoons due to past events. Fuck you Stabford Spoons.

Wandered around Camden, where many people had never been, and we took over a Cafe nero there. Good times. Then Alex and I met up with Katie, and we had just under an hour to catch up, so we went to our local. Or at least the bar that Rex/Shing and I always go to, cos it's quite nice. Nice to meet up, shame it was so quick, then everyone else started to peel off, until it was just Shing, Pete and Alex. We went back to Stabby, grabbed pizza and beer and ended up chilling all night watching Iron Man (as Alex hadn't seen it) and Hot Fuzz (as Pete?!!??!?!?! hadn't seen it). Epic. Then sleep.


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