You Tube Live

The other night I stayed up to all manner of ungodly hours, watching a large collection of people I don't know do a variety of humourous, skillful, messy and awkward things in front of many other people they didn't know. It was most excellent. Now we all know that I'd love to convert this epic rambling into some form of visual rambling, but the unfortunate consequence to this, would not only be all your souls cracking and drifting away on the breeze far sooner, but the men in white coats would have to remove me from this plain of existence. Plus I'm not photogenic/videogenic/inyourfaceagenic and my wit reveals its true tragic potential when vocalised. Much like youtube comments. Anyway...

Yes! You Tube Live. Excellent fun, major highlights are linked to below, I'm not sure I'll bore you with it all, but William Sledd did my head in, I was sad Katers17 wasn't in it more, cos she is funny, clever and pretty *blushes* Furthermore, WhatTheBuck was funnier than I remembered, and Satriani was there so all was well with the world.

Plus so was Charlie. You know Charlie. As in Chaaaarrrrlliieeeee, we're going to caaandy mountain charrrrlieeee? Yes good. Now go away, I was going to moan to you about all the reasons I want to be a youtuber but can't, because my hands are too cold in this ice fortress we call our home.

Charlie The Unicorn - At YT:Live

Bo Burnham - You Tube Song

Queen Rania's acceptance speech

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