Riding the tight rope of sanity

Had my second interview today, went okay, as usual recruitment agent had no idea what was going on, and there were technical questions when he reckoned there wouldn't be. No matter, I was just excited about the next few days. Went home and changed, so I could meet Mr Mccabe at waterloo, as he was to stay with me for the next 3 nights. We had a few pints in the pub in waterloo station while catching up on his work related exploits before busting over to Liverpool St, where we met Joff, and they got on really well. Which is always a relief to our intrepid worrier. That's me. First time I'd been the Spitelfields Market, although the market wasn't on, there were quite a few cool restaurants around and we chose the Mexican Las Iguanas, like the one on the South Bank. Very yummy, can't quite remember what I had, possibly a chimmychanga, as that's a classic. We had some lady like cocktails as well, and I was quite happily merry. Joff then had to scarper off to meet Sarah, while we went to meet my love partner, the badass that is Rex. In the Goose. For a few drinks. And jovial chats. I like it when people get on with each other easily.


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