Animals in cages, primordial rages

In a surprise twist, it would appear I have never been to London Zoo. So we went. Bit of late start, but I got some sweet 20% discount action going on thanks to Google, and the zoo was epically empty, especially later on, and we all know I find this pretty awesome and eerie. Unfortunately, because many of their buildings, although ugly, are iconic and listed, it means animals such as Elephants, Pandas and Rhinos have been moved to their out of london zoo, so they are happy and don't murder the visitors. More importantly there were no red pandas :(. Still awesome though and we saw Giraffes and frolicked in various cafes, or whatever one does in a Zoo. I resisted buying any soft toys, and we stayed in the park till closing and we were thrown out.

We transported ourselves to Covent Garden where we gained a Coffee, then still at a lost, hit up the the Punch and Judy, which served the best pint of Fosters I have had in a long while. At last it was time to meet up with Shing and get started with our 23.50 meal and theatre offer we got from Last Minute. Fire and Stone for food, where we got a salad and a pizza for free, very yummy, and I think my pizza had meat and cheese on. The perfect combo. When we arrived at the theatre, it turned out we had been upgraded to the Dress circle, so even more bonus points oozing round every corner like a crusty virus. Show was good fun, and I enjoyed it, though was quite different to how I imagined it, more minimalistic, I guess I was used to the explosive High School Musical 3. Still good fun and I got chocolate ice cream. Strangely, I don't think I recognised any of the songs.


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