Update you love to hate

7th: Not sure what we did during day, probably fallout 3, Rex has started watching me play, similar to Raffle watching me play fable 2. Except fallout 3 has strange fluctuations in difficulty that I'm still getting used to. Great atmosphere and looks beautiful though. Shame they haven't fixed the character animation failing to properly connect with the landscape like in Oblivion.

8th: Chill during day as yesterday I suspected I avoided any form of furthering my life plan and played on my 360. Rex and Shing went to various house parties while Raffle and I got drunk moderately precariously. I vomit broccoli impressively over the house, after drinking Pimms, after warning I once drank a bottle a threw up all night. Broccoli becomes house in joke.

9th: I try to recover poorly. Am quite ill, so decided not to go out, which was a lame decision on my part as Sarah was moving to Oz. My bad. Shing made chicken with spring onion and ginger sauce in the evening, which was frickin' awesome and I ate half of shropshire, if shropshire was the dinner.


Unknown 10:09 pm  

Broccoli *sniggers*

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