Once upon a London dearly

Got up and was forced into some phone interview by a recruitment agent, which to be fair sounded alright, but I'm not much into caring but weirdly they liked me straight away, as I was apparently "enthusiastic". This kids, is why I should be a movie star.

Anyway, Alex and I walked epically all over London, from Holborn, to Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Along the Thames on the South Bank side, stopping off at Giraffe for some coffee, before getting to Tower Bridge, crossing it, and getting on the tube part way down the other side. We met up with Pete, Chloe Et Mike at Victoria spoons, had a swift pint there, before hitting up Green Park/Mayfair for a pint in an extremely busy and tiny pub that we had to sit outside in the freezing cold. Chloe got the train back home, while the rest of us went to the Stabford Goose, where we encountered Rex, Shing, Jon and Chris and spectacularly Wizkid Dave.

Classic drinking times were had, involving screw the dealer, and liver destroying amounts of beer. I do like pub times like that, reminds me of how I shunned my organs for the first 3 years at uni. We all retired to our abode and watched many an episode of Family Guy after obviously obtained vast quantities of KFC first. Then everyone crashed out for the night.


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