Dress ups, make outs, go home, get down!

What have I done recently, well on the 16th I slept like a crazy baby, and then on the monday Rex foolishly began work designing traffic system to kill as many people as possible. I was then productive for those two days and caught up with Gossip Girl. Today, however, I met up with Joff and Sarah in Brixton, after grabbing a nice dinner and a couple of pints with Rex in the Shakespeare. Met them in a crazy bar, and met Jono, Sarah's kiwi friend, who I had trouble understanding because of his thick accent. After many drinks in the bar, we headed into the Brixton Academy, to see Death Cab For Cutie, but with a bit of time to kill we drank more, and peed a bit. We were all pretty merry by then, and Death Cab were awesome. Better than in Japan, I would have paid the entrance money just to see I Will Follow You Into The Dark. Excellent work. Shame we were quite far back though. Also, excellently, they played "What Sarah Said" and at the line "But I'm thinking of what Sarah said" we all turned to sarah as she sang "Love is watching someone die". Which was epic. Though somewhat emo. I then got back to Stabford without being stabbed.


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