anyone wanna go for a drink?

seriously, I'm not lying, Lost In Translation is one of the greatest acted films ever. Love the stuff. I'm thinking of inspiration. any ideas? requests? pornographic displays of affection? perhaps a quart of whiskey?

okay you got me, I don't know what a quart is. Damn your eyes. I'll tell you one thing though, mug of coffee just got rid of my headache. oh no wait its coming back, MORE CAFFIENE.

Mini-Rant: The word tolerance shouldn't be used. We shouldn't be "tolerant" of other cultures, and races etc, because that sounds as if they're a burden we have to put up with. We should embrace like they are our own, but still feel pride in our own. Also we shouldn't concentrate on organising events for "International" students, we should just organise events for EVERYONE. The more we segregate situations and people the less productive we are on making this world a happy tangy place. so there.

I drew you a diagram to help:


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