Donnie Darko anyone?

Just had my first committee meeting as the SSLC representitive for Applied Artificial Intelligence. Somehow i ended up also being nominated onto some sort of Health and Safety Committee. I got the skillz.

Saw 3 looks pretty dope, and there is even a youtube trailer. Does anyone wanna go to Donnie Darko tonight with me? seriously it'll be dope. At the Picturehouse. Yeah. Also I shoulda seen Brick last night at cinsoc, apparently its the new Donnie Darko.

Went to Clysdale house last night, had a pizza and some drinks with teh stu, then worked a bit with Sam then worked till late... I may have said this all already but I can't remember. Isn't rain odd. It's like stuff falling from the sky, very strange, bit like liquids, they're really weird as well. Imagine if you lived somewhere where there was no liquid (I.e. u were some crazy ass alien) and came here, you would be like "Holy Moly Pudding and Pie, I've evolved past having an eye".

Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Tom - Part 1:

I wouldn't mind if alcohol was made illegal.


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