Too close for missles, I'm switching to honey covered cats

Yo my fellow slightly preturbed and overally way too bemused readers. Today is the day in which I tell thee that today is a day. Its a day.

On Wednesday we went to Star's for Katies birthday eaterie, and good holy stomach food batman I got ribs and it was the biggest thing I'd seen in my entire life. After eating all the ribs I still had what looked like a full plate of spiraly fries and coleslaw and salad. Those crazy fools. We drank guiness and then cruised off down to amber rooms, which probably was a bad idea for someone with zero the money.

On Thursday after amusingly watching stu come into our lecture an hour and 10 minutes late I paniced and tried to find a costume for the party for Katie that night. Kids characters. Superman it was then, my hair was cool, tho I don't remember Superman ever wearing ripped jeans and DCs. Damn hippys. Anyway alex dressed up as a vampire without teeth, so I felt better. Before hand we went to the post grad elections, where Sam "pwned" everyone and became president of ze world. We all dressed up... Sam as the Absynthe fairy, very kiddy and progressed to the party where the amount of effort people had put into their constumes was awesome.

Apart from the hired batman, big bird and tellytubby costume, there were home made awesome versions of Bill and/or Ben the flowerpot man (made from b&q!!), Wonder woman by louise, mad hatter by claire (with jack daniels tea pot!), and many more besides, including Katie's tinker bell. Awesomeness. Tho some crazy drunk man turned up, who for want for a better word, was a cock.

this post is far too long and my heart hurts. I have 2 lectures and then need to fix this place up cos its the Ex reunion of such tomorrow. Power to the people.


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