my blogging habit broke

mainly an update post for when I'm 60years old and think "hmm I wonder what I did on the weeked of the 21st of October". Well this is it:

On friday I cruised down spoons with Sarah and we had a cheap bottle of wine that hurt me and a western platter. the yum. On Saturday I'm not sure what I did, probably waste time.

Sunday Zoe came down and we all went out to walkabout and drank. then went to rocococococos and got free drinks cos Katie and rob knew the bar man. Bonus points.

Yesterday I didn't do anything, even go to lectures, but then saw Hoodwinked for free at the cinema with Sam, was much awesome, then went for coffee wit zoe and matt. Then library and watched a film with Sam.

Today I am shivering but up early, so bonus points, I need a shower. As I keep saying, hilarity later.


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