I blog therefore I have work to do

I love getting up early

I don't know why I don't do it more often, mainly because I get distracted late at night and don't get to sleep till late. But when ever I get up early I have sooo much time in the day, and the day before starts to feel like a long time ago, which shows I'm living more life. Or something of similar effect. I love being awake.

damn the world tearing us apart like crazy fools attached to God's morning muffin


Stuey D 9:32 am  

Alternatively, you'll be tired for the drinking session.

Tommeh 9:35 am  

coffee my dear lad, coffee

Stuey D 9:38 am  

How foolish I now feel.

Tommeh 9:41 am  

I am the scared of drink sesh, what if Ed kills us all. ALL OF US!

Kath 11:39 am  

I got up at 4.
I am not feeling your joy.

Tommeh 4:40 pm  

shiiiiiitttt. found out

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