How is an Msc assessed?

Like this:

  • 70%+ Distinction. Work of exceptional standard reflecting outstanding knowledge of material and critical ability.
  • 60-69% Merit. Work with a well-defined focus, reflecting a good working knowledge of material and good level of competence in its critical assessment.
  • 50-59% Pass. Work demonstrating adequate working knowledge of material and evidence of some analysis.
  • 40-49% Condonable fail. Limited knowledge of core material and limited critical ability.
  • 0-39% Fail. Lacking in basic knowledge and critical ability


Stuey D 1:36 pm  

I heard that the course is assessed on the number of emails Ed Keedwell receives.

The more emails, the lower mark!

Tommeh 1:38 pm  


Anonymous 1:42 pm  

Mine's based on the use of secondary colors. Apparently for a PhD you have to also demonstrate the use of tertiary colors. :O

Tommeh 1:47 pm  

does include such colours as love-juice yellow, and pre-People's Republic of China Burgandy?

Anonymous 1:59 pm  

Check this:

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