well ding dong, the witch in bed

I may have misheard that come to think of it. Welcome to National "I'm sure the fact my margarine is near liquid in texture is fine" day.

More on my trip to Oz later.

I seem to have tomorrow off which is nice, and I'm still in turmoil whether to run for Events Co-ordinator for the Postgraduate Society. I'm not sure its what I want to do, and the politics within the guild are just too ridiculous and prevent any efficient action to be done. This doesn't help with people offering unconstructive critiscm and generally preventing anyone from accomplishing anything. Plus I really need to do this so called degree that I'm doing. Then again it would look good on my CV, but I still have Xnet, course rep and I may do some cinsoc stuff.

Damn girl next door trapsing all around the bathroom naked and wet, and obviously (from the foot prints) going to the toilet in a wet state.

You know what the best tattoo ever would be? one of a sundial shape on the underside of your for-arm, and then when you stick your middle finger up towards say north, u would be able to tell the time. priceless really. g'wan rex, u want a tattoo


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