what people say about my blog:

"i like your blog it's largely irrelavent gobalgygook" - Danu

"I like your blog, it makes me happy, like a big internet cyber hug of tomness" - Sam

"I commend your blogging Thomas" - Stu

"Your blog? Well it's humoristique, quelquefois assez 'geeky'...I don't know, just natural, funny, slightly eccentric...humour and sarcasm and info and emotastic doodles" - Raffle

more later...


General Ramblings and Observations by Tom of Earth: a cryptic emotionally-driven look into the life of times of the infamous sock wearer, gadget-whore, unintentional blasphemer, hypocrite, servant of Xenu, Pastafarian, absurdist and thantophobic...without me, its just aweso

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