sup bluds

I hear the library computer room is the place to be when you're there and you're square. And you're still banned from the net like some crazy dutch bastard.

I got up at 1pm today. I mean wtf? thats not the way to go. Need to get into a routine and read some books, once the damn Stu orders them *shakes fist*.

Orp fools: are we still goin to amsterdamn in easter, if so I need to put some cash aside and not buy anything for a while. Like food. take that DJ gravy monster samuel.

Went ram, alex's and blackie on friday nite with nick, chloe and alex. and on saturday night went rileys then firehouse with Sam, where i wasn't meant to be drinking but ended up having 4 pints. Tho two of them were a quid so I can be let off. Awesomely tho, Jamie (sam's boyfriend) knows I often order guiness in the firehouse, so I can now swagger in there and go "yo dude, the usual" and I'll be cooler than the fonz on a surfboard.

for your pleasure, the Student Guild's (like a student union but apparently different) introduction video:


Anonymous 8:34 pm  

The whole going to drug-land event is henceforth delectibly dubbed "Easterdam". Sums up all major points about said event amicably. Spell check pending


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