give me a bucket and I will sing

there's a bucket full of pain in this glass
but does that mean my glass is only half you ask
there's a cat full of hat in my room
but yesterday's just tomorrow come to soon
there's a little bit of vomit in my throat
and its probably from my diet not your boat
there's a lot of waste of time in this blog
but 7 times says reading this you just can't stop
there's a hella lot of drama in my queen
but now my livers only half the size of my spleen

thank you thank you, I'm here all week.


Anonymous 8:21 pm  

Impressive. Almost as impressive as my biting a chunk of my tongue off today, but not quite. Not quite.

Tommeh 10:26 pm  

I hear the going rate for human tongue is quite high

Stuey D 10:55 pm  

Mmmmmm tongue!

Anonymous 11:11 pm  

Personally I don't have enough tongue in my life.

Maybe I could pick up Rachel's scraps...?

Anonymous 5:57 pm  


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