*?#* you pig!

oki so it just took me a minute to find the # key on the keyboard, man I shouldn't be doing a comp sci masters.

Today's connundrums are, if Tony Jaa launched a flying knee butt at you (thats not a type of fish) how would u defend yourself if you had no weapons?

Also do people who are claustraphobic have to avoid showers and toilet cubicles, as I'm sure that could be a tad awkward when you need a poop.

I'll tell you something else that has a hat level of 7, on the walk to campus I was crossing the road and some dude in a car stopped me right in the middle of the god damn road to ask directions to the prison. Surely not the safest place for a tom.

Update on my net status, turns out I got banned cos they thought I had a virus, probably cos I tunnelled a load of traff... blah blah tech speak blah blah shoe horn blah albatross blah blah right in the blah blah sticky but blah blah damn tasty.

Dj Yoda's new album is dope, check it you crazy fools.


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