shit my LOLLERSKATES lost a wheel

Haw Haw just kidding, got ya there. Here's the actual Geography Lesson:

Question 1. What colour is spiderman's crayon?

Answer: Trick question, its not a colour, its Qubec.

Question 2. If Timmy was given 5 crayons, but John's coastal erosion was treated by a Spanish Doctor, how many crayons will it take to colour in Europe?

Answer: Trick Question - Timmy isn't a real person.


Anonymous 10:43 pm  

Damn you Timmy for getting my hopes up like that.

Tommeh 11:43 pm  

pwned like a schoolgirl.. sorry stu

Anonymous 9:50 am  

You're wrong. Timmy is a dog.

Anonymous 9:51 am  

Oh and it's Quebec.

Stuey D 11:27 am  

I kill you.

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