Challenge 1:

Create a myspace page that is not a proud display of extreme crap web design. I intend to prove that it can't all me myspace's fault, but the myspace user community who know nothing about good design.

Deadline: 2010.

Things you (probably) didn't know about Tom - Part 2:

I have two scars on the side of my leg/arse where I jumped through a makeshift table and onto a glass that shattered. This happened last year....


David Hulbert 3:02 am  

With my skillage I hacked together this CSS:

table {position:relative ;top:-125px ;}
table table {position:relative ;top:0px ;}
div {position:relative ;left:-1000px;}

It should help a bit :-)
Check it out at my myspace

David Hulbert 3:03 am  

silly myspace, you cant have a / on the end of the url

click here

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