I was pondering

Google loves Firefox, they're all like, "yo Homeboy, do no evil, get Firefox" which is a good point, however most(?) people who have Firefox use Adblock Plus, which blocks all the ad's they make most of their money from. Talk about paradox. No really, you have 1 minute, no repetition, deviation or hesitation. You are using Adblock Plus yeah....?

GRAPH ALERT!!11!11!!one!!!111

Other points on interest: I stupidly forgot my phone doesn't adapt to the clocks going back. So I woke up at 7am. It's fine I've done two loads of washing and had 2 coffees and a BLT from the Cafe Ritazza.


Michael 4:32 pm  

Isn't Cafe Rivatza damn expensive?

Tommeh 6:03 pm  

nope its 1.40 for a large black coffee, 1.20 for small. And its a Ritazza not Rivatza

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