so last night I said

"Hey guy, stop hacking up my soul with your pre-packaged peer pressure, I'm not gonna go out, or spend money or drink alcohol."

oh how wrong I was, hilarity was high as well, not only with me completely missing stu who was sitting right in front of me, but I also succeeded in calling him a splat of wank. Started in the Ram, with Alex, Chris, Hardcore dave and random fools from dave's old flat, and stu, kath and nick were there as well and I was like yo.

Soon me and Alex passed and moved to the lemmy where Katie and Claire avec housemates were there, Katie was slightly the drunk which was highly amusing. Not only this but my housemate Nat was there as well but even tho we've talked quite a few times she only recognised me cos of my luridly yellow jacket, so I sorted her out. In a respectable manner without even resorting to knee cap removal.

I forgot to mention I have the net back in my room and I have been investigated watching new eps of series without downloading them, like on youtube and and dailymotion and whatever other l337 ways I can find. Stu and I went to a lecture today which was so pointless we again spent the entire lecture communicating via the medium of pen.

Random Quote

"I dreamt of Cox" - Me, followed by Stu head butting the wall in anguish.


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