Reasons I'm annoyed:

  1. My Ds Lite has a crack in the hinge, stupid nintendo with faulty DS's still being sold in the shops
  2. I seem to be banned from the internet in my room for downloading legal torrents on bittorrent. You may not believe me that there are in fact legal torrents. Check out and many a linux distro. *le sigh* I even scheduled no downloading 9-5 during day AND limited it to 50kb/s anyway.
  3. Firefox doesn't work on any blasted computer on uni at the moment for some reason
  4. All the computers in the masters computer room seem b0rked
  5. To be able to log into my blog I had to download a portable version of Opera cos cookies are h4xxored.
  6. Grrr
  7. The toilet cubicles in the library toilets can be unlocked from the outside?!
  8. My throat has a tickle in it. Not jon tickle I add.
  9. Yams!!!!
  10. All the Neural Network books by Bishop have been taken out of the library.
  11. I have like no money
  12. I'm uber tired cos I couldn't sleep and kept dreaming about telling people about my dreams from previous night. I fear the problem could be exponential
  13. The space bar on this keyboard is way too loud and probably annoying everyone in the library
  14. I keep running outta time in the day to do anything
  15. I can't think of any more reasons.
Reasons I'm happy:
  1. I love uni man. Booya
Happy Birthday Mr Ruffle, much respect to the first 22nd year old in the Orp posse. Sorry can't be there. Include that in the list as well.


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