All the lights are coming on now, How I wish it would snow now, I don't feel like going home now

Yesteday I woke up, blargh, ate many left overs, and then played lots of Call of Duty 4, before ppl started to go home. Drove home in the face, hardcore style. Ruffle was at home, and we all chatted for a while, which was dope sticks. Then played Prince of Persia that had come from tesco dvd rental (3 months free whoop - Bully and Mirrors Edge!). Seems a pretty good game, but could get boring quite quickly I do believe, still passes the time.

Today: oh.... I apparently completed Prince of Persia and then stayed up till 4/4.30am playing guitar hero 3, trying to do all songs, including bonus etc on medium. I can't do dragonforce. Stupid world. Argh I need to get up early.


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